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About Our Company


Rothschild Liao Founder and Principal

Produce Capital is an experienced and trusted investment and asset management group that focuses on investment opportunities with minimal risk. Our teams are committed to making the best decisions that will benefit your assets for sustainable growth. Our fund manager oversees all recommended investment advice, allowing for a streamlined management system that is proven and clear. We welcome individual, institutional, and government clients to invest in our professional and experienced teams.


Our purpose is to help individuals and institutions navigate the murky waters of investing. We believe it is paramount that people have a friend who can genuinely troubleshoot their financial problems and set them on a path of security. We believe people need an expert with comprehensive knowledge to provide financial analysis of relevant projects. Finally, we believe people need a partner who will put the investor in the same boat and bind common profits with risk to facilitate trust. That’s why at Produce Capital, we take investing seriously and put our clients first. We are here to help you.