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About Our Team


At Produce Capital, we believe your success is directly linked to our team’s ability to understand your objectives - connect your ideas - and along with our resources and approach, reach positive results that you can expect and be proud of. Whether you are an individual or small-mid cap business, we have the connections and resources you will need to protect, sustain and expand your portfolio. With direct access to foreign government leaders and global business decision-makers, expansions of your operations into foreign markets are made possible.

Our teams are comprised of young and mature professionals astute their fields which facilitates an open exchange of ideas and forward thinking. We believe in honesty, diversity, long-term relationships and are committed to excellence.

Meet Our Team

Rothschild Liao (Founder and Principal)

Rothschild Liao is Founder and Principal of Produce Capital Corporation, responsible for managing day-to-day operations and leading the strategic direction of the firm. Mr. Liao has over 10 years professional experience and leadership in trading and financial services. Prior to Produce Capital, Mr. Liao worked at Guo Xin Trading Firm in China as a reputable Investment Trader for the Chinese secondary market. While at Guo Xin, his client base expanded to the Provinces of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, China. He was also a successful Real Estate Agent for Blackstone Properties Group in New York and Regional Operations Manager at ICBC Bank in China. Mr. Liao began his career under the leadership of his family’s businesses focused on mining, real estate and educational services. As Manager, he oversaw the expansion of its activities from Guangzhou to Hong Kong and Wuhan, China. His frequent travels from New York to China support his rapidly growing network within the affluent in politics and commerce. Mr. Liao holds a B.S. in Finance and Economics from Pace University.

Phil Midland (Asia Expert & Adviser)

Phil Midland is Asia Expert and Adviser for Produce Capital with over 30 years professional experience in International Affairs within the Asia market, with focal experience of negotiating sensitive and tough contracts. Mr. Midland serves as current President for Strategic Renaissance 21 (SR21) and Co-Founder of IHS International, a consulting firm specializing in strategic assessment and advisory services in the China market. Prior to IHS International, he worked as VP of Smith Cogeneration and Manager at Sperry-Marine Inc. He also served 23 years in the United States Navy, retiring as Captain. Mr. Midland’s previous roles included Chief of Staff for Intelligence of the U.S. Seventh Fleet and Naval Attache to the PRC. Mr. Midland holds a B.S. in Political Science and Mathematics from University of Wisconsin and a M.A. in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University.

Louis B. Clarke (Consultant)

Louis B. Clarke is serves as Consultant for Produce Capital. He is also the Vice President of Pet Haven Inc., a pet cemetery and crematory founded in 1948. Prior to Pet Haven Inc., his responsibilities working for Citigroup included P&L analysis, marketing, banking, investments, credit and retirement services.

Mr. Chu Chen (Chinese Liaison)

Mr. Chu Chen serves as primary political connection to China Market for Produce Capital, as well as Liaison in land and agriculture business between Mainland China and Taiwan. Currently, Mr. Chen serves as Director of APETS, a prominent emission trading company that primarily focuses on pollution control and sustainability for south China. His influence extends from a family line of prestigious military, political and business backgrounds. His father is current General Commander of the Naval Forces in Guangdong region, and a highly reputable Member of the Chinese Nationalist party.